Thanks Treehugger! Cycle Fabulousity in the streets of Charleston

I just found this article on talkin’ about all ya’ll Charleston Cycle Chic aficionados with a photo of our lovely Cara Kelly riding down the Battery. What do you say CCC ladies (and gents)? Are we going to live up to their vision of us?   Our gorgeous fall is just around the corner and we can no longer use the excuse of ‘perspiration’.  Let’s ride into the sunset, shall we??

Cara rides pretty!

By the way, if you haven’t seen before, they have a superb collection of posts on all things ‘green’ and progressive – from Design and Architecture to Food and Fashion and everything in between.  Check them out!

Article excerpt…

Charleston Cycle Chic is making biking to work all the rage. Bonnie wrote about Cycle Chic in London last year and while it took a little longer to catch on here in South Carolina, the movement is gaining a foothold. In South Carolina and even in a more forward thinking Charleston, all too often you’ll see people hop in their cars to drive two feet and then have trouble finding a parking space which leads to them continually driving around the block…more


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