Girls on Bikes – Gorgeous Video by Phillip Lim

We came across this homage to girls on bikes courtesy of Copenhagen Cycle Chic.  It’s impossible to look this breezy in a car.  Watch and enjoy!


Cycle Chic Around the World – Including Charleston!

Check out this great video montage from Streetfilms.  We are honored to have been included! Apologies for not being able to post it here – but this blog platform won’t accept flash. Urgh!

Go here to see the video!

Why do you ride?

Thanks to @heidiswift on Twitter for calling my attention to this great video by People for Bikes.  It reminds the writer of this post, how the other night around 6:30PM I rode my bicycle (basket and fenders and light – check!) through the streets of Downtown Charleston in the diminishing light.  I caught the scent of a sizzling steak as I rode by South End Brewery, then the heady perfume of some incredible dish that the Barbados Room was cooking up, and then as I passed by 82 Queen, the aromas of shrimp and grits fled to my nose.  Now some of you might not like those smells of the city humming, but I do.  I love having every one of my senses alive and fulfilled when I am on a bike.  That’s why I ride.

Why do you ride?

Map Your Biking Route with “Bike There” on Google Maps

Way back in October, a little birdie told us that Google Maps was going to be launching Bike There directions on Google Maps.  Well – it’s here!!  At this weeks’ National Bike Summit, Google announced that it will be rolling out “Bike There” in 150 cities around the country.  Users are able to enable the biking layer via the “More” button on Google Maps.

Here’s a more detailed article on Wired and check out the video below.

From Streetfilms – Copenhagen’s Bike-Friendly Streets

I am a huge fan of Streetfilms so forgive me if I link to their videos all the time – but check out this recent one starring our very own Cycle Chic guru, Mikael Colville-Andersen.  He talks about the Copenhagen bicycling infrastructure, which frankly, is mind-blowing to a budding bike town inhabitant like me.

Listen to the words…

I love this video – found it today on Twitter. While the images are beautiful – it is the words that are important. Listen. Know why you do what you do. Isn’t that the zest of life?