Mmmm…Bikes are like Dessert

Everytime I see a fabulous bike, I actually start salivating.  I feel a yearning inside of me coupled with an “I want to have it all” kind of feeling.  (Can anyone relate to this or am I just weird?)

It reminds me of how I feel about dessert.  Oh glorious dessert.

So here is a small selection of bikes that caused my salivary glands to spring into action.  I love them all for different reasons – but mostly because they are reminiscent of some of my favorite things.

This first one is a bit hard to see, but if you look closely it’s worth it.  Check out the liquid chocolate color and the beautiful green.  This bike made me think of a Creme de Menthe Brownie.

Creme de Menthe

Creme de Menthe

This next one screams summer time fun to me and makes me want to have an Orange Creamsicle.  She’s available to be had at the Charleston Bicycle Company on East Bay St.  Say Hi to Jana!

Orange Creamsicle

Orange Creamsicle

This next little angel is just so pure.  I’ve always been attracted to the all-white bike – it seems so sophisticated and of course, it goes with everything.  Yes – my first thoughts when I saw her were Marshmallow Fluff, or even a light and fluffy Meringue.  Delightful.

Marshmallow Fluff

Marshmallow Fluff

So does your bike remind you of dessert?  Send a picture in!  I know someone out there has a Dulce de Leche or a Raspberry Sorbet….


So envious – a Cycle Chic Boutique in Dallas

Oh yes – I have been mulling the idea of a Cycle Chic Boutique over for quite some time – even come up with the style and colors for the inside (robin egg blue with white couches and big mirrors, walls of baskets and the ability to mix and match bikes and accessories with ease), have discussed the concept with my friends and local bike shop owners – the works.  And while I don’t personally want to open a retail shop (too many things on my plate already) I WISH I WISH I WISH someone would take this on in Charleston!  Check out Fleetwood Kit Kat’s bike boutique in Dallas, and be sure to read their blog for all the neat things they do or see this video from their local news station.  Kudos!

Enter to win a bike at Chictopia! Submit your cycle chic pic.

Ladies,  now I know that most of you aren’t camera shy, and furthermore, I know that there are zillions of you out there who love to ride pretty on your fabulous bikes.  So take a moment to send in the chicest photo you have of yourself, enter the TopShop Chictopia contest and win a bike!

What you say?  You already have a bike?

Well – you know how I feel about that.  Bikes are the new handbags.  It’s fun to have one for every mode and moda.  The other option if you win, would be to donate your bike to someone in need of Cycle Chic transport.  Wouldn’t you like to be responsible for introducing another person to the lovely biking lifestyle?

All you have to do is create a Chictopia profile and then upload your photo with your bike to the profile page and enter the contest before July 17.  Each week five winners will be selected – 4 will be selected by Chictopia users and 1 will be selected by TopShop.  Don’t forget to vote for your favorite!

Official Contest Rules


From all the way across the planet – New Zealand Rocks with Frocks on Bikes

All ya’ll have to check out this great organization in New Zealand – Frocks on Bikes.  They’ve got it going ON!  They are fabulous, gorgeous and most importantly, they are pedaling for change.  They’ve got events popping up all over the place – from workshops to Film Fests to Carnivals and everything in between.  

From their website…

Frocks On Bikes spontaneously emerged in New Zealand, in a space of two short weeks in the lead up to the 350 Climate Action festivals being held in Auckland and Wellington.  We mobilised over 350 frockers pedalling for change – making a beautiful point as we promenaded through our cities calling for action and awareness on climate change.”

Their Facebook Group

And the weirdest thing – I clicked one of their links about “6 Reasons The World Needs More Girls on Bikes which led me to the article written by a woman in Sweden and what do ya know – a picture of my red patent leather heels on my lime green bike came up.  Flickr/Social Media blows my mind!!  But really, after you marvel, read read read because what they have to say, has to do with you!

Best Quote of the Day – “Women…might find riding in high heels is easier than walking in them.”  Amen sistah!

Charleston Cycle Chic Ride – June 24th @ 6PM. Get your heels on!

Ladies (and you chic gents), how about another Charleston Cycle Chic Ride?  We had so much fun with the last one and met some great people, I thought what the hey – we should have another!  This time we’re doing it after work with a post-ride social hour included so we can laugh and chat and while a beautiful Charleston evening away.   Direct your eyes below for all the lovely details:

When: Wednesday, June 24th @6PM

Where: Meet at Marion Square (the corner of King and Calhoun).  We’ll ride down King St, left on Market, right on East Bay, around the Battery and up Ashley Avenue to end at Fuel Caribbean Cantina at the corner of Rutledge and Cannon.   Yes, the fine people of Fuel have kindly offered to take care of our bikes (and provide service with a flair) in their beautiful outdoor courtyard!

Why: Because we love to ride pretty.  Because we all know it’s the best way to see our beautiful town.  Because we definitely like to support local business.  Because we are hip to the new biking culture of Charleston.  And most importantly, because we want to have some fun!

RSVP: on Facebook or leave a comment below.

Where do we go?

Haute Couture Bikes….I don’t know whether to laugh, cry or drool.

Really. I am drooling a bit because these bikes are GORGEOUS. While they go far beyond what a middle-of-the-road female like me can afford – it’s fun to look, and I am a big fan of anything that promotes bike love. Whether it’s completely over the top, or vintage ebay chic – I want ’em all. Since you know…bikes are the new handbag.


This is a $3,420 honey.  Look at all that red.  Its smokin!

This is a $3,420 Gucci honey. Look at all that red. It's smokin'!


Fully-equipped for $9500 you get a fur pannier, leather encased lock and water bottle holder, a box and skirt guards. Whoa.

A Fully-equipped Fendi for $9500. You get a fur pannier, leather encased lock and water bottle holder, a box and skirt guards. Whoa.


For a mere $4000 you can get an Hermes laquered stainless steel bike with signature orange leather

For a mere $4000 you can get an Hermes laquered stainless steel bike with signature orange leather

Starting at $12,000 including Chanels signature quilted bag.  Umm...

The Chanel starts at $12,000 and includes Chanel's signature quilted bag. Umm...

A $1200 bike for mommy, daddy and baby.  I just love this one.

A $1200 Cynthia Rowley bike for a couple and their baby. I just love this one.


So ladies (and men they have male versions too) what do you think?  Ridiculous??  Awe-inspiring?   Tell me how you really feel.  

If after careful internal examination, you decide you must have one of these luscious bikes to flaunt your outer fashionista, the Gucci Store in Charleston Place will probably order one up for you, or you can get a Cynthia Rowley bike at 341 King St.  And I think some of them just went on sale for $299.  Now THAT’S a price I can do.

The Copenhagen Cycle Culture – I’ve got envy!

Is envy wrong?  Check out this super-cool video by Mikael, the gent who started it all across the pond.  Look at the teems of bicyclists going about their daily lives, the parents and their kids, the high heels!  Charleston – we are not so unlike Copenhagen.  Sure they are a bit older than us (only by a few hundred years), but we are both flat, surrounded by water and bridges with fantastic architecture and an incredible mix of people.  How about it?   Is it in our blood?