Stop by Sully’s Studio for a Cycle Chic photoshoot

Yes, that right folks.  One of Charleston local photographers (who happened to be on the last Cycle Chic ride) will be shooting people on bikes (any and all kinds!) this Wednesday 7/29 at his Studio.  Here’s an excerpt from his blog.

“If you are a charleston resident this message is for you guys. I need your help this wednesday, if you own a unique, cool, hip, beat up, expensive, stolen, inexpensive bike I need you to stop by my studio at 253 A St Phillip street.  I could really use everyone’s help on this.  Tell all of your friends, come in a group or individually.  Your image could possibly be used for a magazine story i’m doing about biking in charleston. If you are interested shoot me an email and let me know approximate times.  I will be there all day and night.  TELL ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS!!  Yes I will give you the images so you can have them for looking pleasure! It will be a great time!”


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