Charleston Cycle Chic Fashion Show at the Bicycle BrewHaha (Photos)

Last night we had our very first Charleston Cycle Chic fashion show at the Bicycle Brewhaha – celebrating progress we’ve made toward making Charleston more bike-friendly.  Hundreds of people showed up on a beautiful Charleston night as the sun set over the Harbor and a breeze blew off the water.  We imbibed, we ate, we danced, we played, we bike-poloed and we rode the runway.

In Charleston, Cycle Chic is not only about pretty people on pretty bikes, it’s about being joyful, exuberant YOU on two wheels.  So here some photos from our event last night (and we are kicking ourselves for not doing a video!)  Thanks to all our amazing participants! The song in this slideshow is one we discovered in creating a soundtrack for the show.  Kudos out to Coco Love Alcorn for her fun and cheeky song “I Got a Bicycle”.



Check out The Digitel’s flickr page for more event photos.



Calling all Charleston Cycle Chic-sters! Be a star in our Cycle Chic fashion show on Sept 8.

This is an open ‘casting’ call for all our Charleston Cycle Chic-sters to be in an upcoming Cycle Chic fashion show as part of a big fun party called The Bike Brew Haha. We are seeking 20 participants – men and women, young and old with great bikes and a lively spirit. Here are the details:

What:  The Bike Brew Haha – a party to celebrate the progress we’ve made toward a more bike-friendly Charleston. There will be music, beer, our local food trucks, bike polo, a bicycle fashion show, a spectacular view and more…

Where:  The Maritime Center in Downtown Charleston

When:  September 8, 2011 6PM-9:30PM

How:  To apply to be a part of the fashion show, take a photo of you, your bike and the outfit you would wear and submit it to before August 27. Ladies – we encourage you to look lovely, and men – how about being dapper? But most of all be yourselves. This fashion show is all about the bike so make your ride look great and feel free to accessorize. We prefer bikes from local bicycle shops since we try to support our local businesses.

Your time commitment is minimal since all you have to do is respond to a few emails, then show up (on your bikes) to the party at 5PM for a dress rehearsal and stay on to have fun! In return, you’ll get one drink ticket, a free Charleston Moves t-shirt and some great photos of you.

Send the following to

  1. Your Full Name
  2. Contact Email and Phone
  3. Bicycle type and where purchased. For example, a Biria Bike from Affordabike.
  4. A color photo of you on your bike.
We’ll let you know who is selected on August 29.  Please know that if you are not selected it is because we only have 20 spots.  We hope you’ll come to the party anyway and cheer on your fellow Cycle-Chic-sters!
And just for fun – here’s a review of the Original Cycle Chic Manifesto from Copenhagen Cycle Chic.

High Heels and Two Wheels – right here in Charleston

It’s embarrassing to admit that we didn’t know about this blog until today.  We know the person, have met her several times, follow her on Twitter, even saw her loading up her bike at the grocery store the other day.

But had not read her blog.  Shame shame.

So here’s a shout out to a brave and beautiful woman, who gave up her car in favor of the bike, who rides with style and grace, and is pretty funny too.  Read her blog now.  High Heels and Two Wheels.

Erin, will you be our new mascot?  Pretty please?

Here’s a pic of her courtesy of MNN

Girls on Bikes – Gorgeous Video by Phillip Lim

We came across this homage to girls on bikes courtesy of Copenhagen Cycle Chic.  It’s impossible to look this breezy in a car.  Watch and enjoy!

Bicycle. Charleston. Happy.

For the new year Charleston Cycle Chic decided to have fun with Picnik.  This is our statement for 2011.  Do ya feel it? 🙂

Will Velorbis Bicycles Come to Charleston?

We’ve been salivating after Velorbis bikes for quite a while now, but alas, they were only sold across the pond.  They sell classic vintage bicycles including those great cargo bikes that are perfect for groceries and/or kids. Fortunately the bike angels have been watching over us, because now Velorbis has come to the US!  Actually, the distributor out of Chicago contacted us to see about carrying their lines in Charleston.  YES!!!  YES PLEASE!!  Check out some of their bicycles below and let us know if you want ’em.

Beach Cruisin’ Beauty

A reader sent in these photos after a group of her girlfriends and even a few of the husbands put this beach cruiser together as a birthday/moving away gift for her sister.  Knowing full well you just can’t live on or near the beach without a chic beach cruiser that makes you happy, I think they did a fantastic job don’t you?  A little creativity and a light-hearted spirit goes a long way.

Hope to see you around town Sherry!!