Charleston Cycle Chic Fashion Show at the Bicycle BrewHaha (Photos)

Last night we had our very first Charleston Cycle Chic fashion show at the Bicycle Brewhaha – celebrating progress we’ve made toward making Charleston more bike-friendly.  Hundreds of people showed up on a beautiful Charleston night as the sun set over the Harbor and a breeze blew off the water.  We imbibed, we ate, we danced, we played, we bike-poloed and we rode the runway.

In Charleston, Cycle Chic is not only about pretty people on pretty bikes, it’s about being joyful, exuberant YOU on two wheels.  So here some photos from our event last night (and we are kicking ourselves for not doing a video!)  Thanks to all our amazing participants! The song in this slideshow is one we discovered in creating a soundtrack for the show.  Kudos out to Coco Love Alcorn for her fun and cheeky song “I Got a Bicycle”.



Check out The Digitel’s flickr page for more event photos.



High Heels and Two Wheels – right here in Charleston

It’s embarrassing to admit that we didn’t know about this blog until today.  We know the person, have met her several times, follow her on Twitter, even saw her loading up her bike at the grocery store the other day.

But had not read her blog.  Shame shame.

So here’s a shout out to a brave and beautiful woman, who gave up her car in favor of the bike, who rides with style and grace, and is pretty funny too.  Read her blog now.  High Heels and Two Wheels.

Erin, will you be our new mascot?  Pretty please?

Here’s a pic of her courtesy of MNN

Will Velorbis Bicycles Come to Charleston?

We’ve been salivating after Velorbis bikes for quite a while now, but alas, they were only sold across the pond.  They sell classic vintage bicycles including those great cargo bikes that are perfect for groceries and/or kids. Fortunately the bike angels have been watching over us, because now Velorbis has come to the US!  Actually, the distributor out of Chicago contacted us to see about carrying their lines in Charleston.  YES!!!  YES PLEASE!!  Check out some of their bicycles below and let us know if you want ’em.

Innovative Women Lead the Urban Bicycle Trend

This article from The Daily Beast came out recently and describes how women are leading the charge in taking back biking as a ‘normal’ ‘everyday’ activity!!!!  Hurrah – we knew ya’ll would lead the way just as Jeff Mapes predicted.

Here’s an excerpt…

“Women today ride in dresses, pumps, hats, and all kinds of professional and casual attire. They are also more visible socially and politically. Women are opening bike stores around the country, manage and staff hip bicycle cafes, and design innovative and stylish cycling clothes and accessories. They also head up some of the most influential advocacy organizations in our country.”

Why do you ride?

Thanks to @heidiswift on Twitter for calling my attention to this great video by People for Bikes.  It reminds the writer of this post, how the other night around 6:30PM I rode my bicycle (basket and fenders and light – check!) through the streets of Downtown Charleston in the diminishing light.  I caught the scent of a sizzling steak as I rode by South End Brewery, then the heady perfume of some incredible dish that the Barbados Room was cooking up, and then as I passed by 82 Queen, the aromas of shrimp and grits fled to my nose.  Now some of you might not like those smells of the city humming, but I do.  I love having every one of my senses alive and fulfilled when I am on a bike.  That’s why I ride.

Why do you ride?

Map Your Biking Route with “Bike There” on Google Maps

Way back in October, a little birdie told us that Google Maps was going to be launching Bike There directions on Google Maps.  Well – it’s here!!  At this weeks’ National Bike Summit, Google announced that it will be rolling out “Bike There” in 150 cities around the country.  Users are able to enable the biking layer via the “More” button on Google Maps.

Here’s a more detailed article on Wired and check out the video below.

Charleston makes the Cycle Chic Worldwide Map

This great google map was put together by our Cycle Chic cohorts at Bike by the Sea in Santa Barbara.  Isn’t it neat to think that 10s of 1000s of us are Cycling Chic all over the world, and that our marvelous little town on the Atlantic is part of it??  Pretty amazing…