Pedal Chic – A Bike Store for Woman, opens in Greenville, SC

Yes – we are jealous.  We would love to see a female-focused bicycle shop here in Charleston.  Pedal Chic opens soon in Greenville, SC.  Here is the description from their website and we love their tagline!

“Pedal Chic is the only women-specific cycling and athletic boutique in the Southeast, offering an unparalleled selection of apparel for the female athlete, cyclist, urban commuter, and yogi, as well as lifestyle/comfort wear in an upscale, boutique environment.

Pedal Chic is THE destination for active women shopping for contemporary, stylish, and high-performance cycling, fitness, and lifestyle apparel. From “city bikes” and commuter accessories (think bike baskets, designer helmets, shoes, and cycling-friendly handbags) to athletic intimate apparel (up to size 40DD) Pedal Chic outfits every woman from head to toe.”



Map Your Biking Route with “Bike There” on Google Maps

Way back in October, a little birdie told us that Google Maps was going to be launching Bike There directions on Google Maps.  Well – it’s here!!  At this weeks’ National Bike Summit, Google announced that it will be rolling out “Bike There” in 150 cities around the country.  Users are able to enable the biking layer via the “More” button on Google Maps.

Here’s a more detailed article on Wired and check out the video below.

Charleston makes the Cycle Chic Worldwide Map

This great google map was put together by our Cycle Chic cohorts at Bike by the Sea in Santa Barbara.  Isn’t it neat to think that 10s of 1000s of us are Cycling Chic all over the world, and that our marvelous little town on the Atlantic is part of it??  Pretty amazing…

In 2009 – Charleston was all about the bike

At least according to our great online news source – The Digitel.  We agree.  They did an Top 10 List for things and news in Charleston. Bikes, and yours truly made #5. We are thrilled! Hopefully together we’ve got the momentum going for some real changes in 2010.

So hop on over to the Digitel to read the full story and see the other numbers. And you can read an excerpt below.

“It’s probably safe to say that both sides aren’t happy where 2009 has left the state of bike accommodation and regulation in the Charleston area, but from the continued involvement of Charleston Moves, to the firm establishment of the Holy City Bike Co-op, to a ladies-only bike outing, we’ve seen that bikes have been placed in an an elevated social and political status.”

I want to be like her. Ladies – there are no excuses!

A friend sent me a link to an article on CNN today…..The headline caught my eye immediately .  Of course I thought how very Cycle Chic!  Here it is….

Biking 150 Miles for a cause — in a dress and heels.

And then I read further.  This person who is biking in a dress and heels for a cause?  She’s no 20-something who’s been training for a year.  She’s no IronMan.  She’s a beautiful 84-yr old woman on a single-speed purple vintage cruiser.  It makes me think that when we THINK we can’t do something – when we THINK that something is hard  or it will take too long or it’s just inconvenient – that really it’s all a bunch of poppycock.  The ability to do and to dream is nestled right inside our head and our hearts.  It’s up to us to see it differently.

So check her out – this woman, my new hero and click here (or on the headline above) to read the full article.


Photo from The SkepticalOptimist on Flickr




Next Kulture Klash is all about The Bike! 11/7

November 7th, 2009
1635 Cosgrove Avenue
North Charleston, SC
In The Navy Yard at Noisette

Tickets $10/$15/$20
November 6th – free artist reception 8pm-11pm Read the rest of this entry »

Oct 21 – Cycle Chic Ride to Pecha Kucha Night Charleston

Yes that’s right all you lovely people with bikes – our next Cycle Chic Ride is going to Pecha Kucha Night Charleston on October 21st!  Why?  Because we love what they do and what they represent and man, this next line-up is a doozy not to be missed.  It’s all about creativity, inspiration, entrepreneurship and having a bit of fun fun fun.   So let’s go ride our bikes!  It’s easier than looking for parking…. Read the rest of this entry »