Cycle Chic Ride Route, MeetUp and Pecha Kucha location

Now that the Pecha Kucha location has been revealed (The Music Farm!) I can reveal our ride route and meetup location for our October 21st Ride to Pecha Kucha Night Charleston

Start: Marion Square @5:45PM

Meetup: Chai’s @ around 6:30PM

Pecha Kucha: 7:15 @ The Music Farm (we’ll be locking our bikes here before we go to Chai’s)


Next ride – October 21st! Stay tuned….

Yes it’s been several months since we had a fun Cycle Chic ride.  The only good excuse was the heat.  Pavement-melting, sweltering, Lowcountry heat.  But it’s officially fall ya’ll and while those of you in Maine wouldn’t consider 80 degrees cool – for us, it is delightful.

So stay tuned for details about the next ride.  All I can tell you now is that it will be after work on October 21st!  So get your beautiful bikes polished up and ready to ride.

Seen around town – Mom Cycle Chic

So who says as soon as you have a child, you can’t have any fun?  This Cycle Chic woman proves it is not so and she looks great too.  Check out her Vintage Raleigh bike complete with a toddler seat on the back.  She rides her daughter to school and back every day, around town, to the grocery store, and just for fun.  And yes, she has a car too and a kickin’ full time job.  So if there are other Moms out there – explore the options for biking with baby and don’t forget the helmet.  It’s a whole new world!


Charleston Cycle Chic Leisure Ride #2 Pics posted!

Here’s a conglomeration of several people’s great photos of the June 24th Cycle Chic Ride.  (Click the Flickr Photostream link) Thanks to Karen, Dustin, Kristy, and Traci for being shutterbugs!  35 men and women showed up dressed to the nines and showin’ off their rides.  Around the town and back again, off to Fuel we went to enjoy a refreshing post-ride beverage.   If anyone out there has more pics -send them in!

Flickr Photostream

And some of my favs….

Sully rides again!

Sully rides again!

The lovely Amelia is always Cycle Chic

The lovely Amelia is always Cycle Chic

Pinstripes and Bowties vs. Spandex

Pinstripes and Bowties vs. Spandex

Palmetto trees go well with bike shadows

Palmetto trees go well with bike shadows

Send in your pics ya’ll!

Getting around to this later than I would have liked but I am starting to gather all the great photos from Charleston Cycle Chic Ride #2. Thanks so much to everyone for showing up and supporting the biking lifestyle!! The best part about the ride was the meetup at Fuel afterward – it was so fun to talk to everyone in person. I feel like I met some greatness! Also, a shout out to the Holy City Bike Coop for being there in force. You guys are doing a wonderful thing.

So – if you have pictures, send me the photostream or feed or files what-have-you and I’ll round them up right here.  In the meantime, here’s a placeholder – perhaps the new official beverage of Charleston Cycle Chic.

Oh Fat Tire we love your bike!

Oh Fat Tire we love your bike!


Charleston Cycle Chic Ride – June 24th @ 6PM. Get your heels on!

Ladies (and you chic gents), how about another Charleston Cycle Chic Ride?  We had so much fun with the last one and met some great people, I thought what the hey – we should have another!  This time we’re doing it after work with a post-ride social hour included so we can laugh and chat and while a beautiful Charleston evening away.   Direct your eyes below for all the lovely details:

When: Wednesday, June 24th @6PM

Where: Meet at Marion Square (the corner of King and Calhoun).  We’ll ride down King St, left on Market, right on East Bay, around the Battery and up Ashley Avenue to end at Fuel Caribbean Cantina at the corner of Rutledge and Cannon.   Yes, the fine people of Fuel have kindly offered to take care of our bikes (and provide service with a flair) in their beautiful outdoor courtyard!

Why: Because we love to ride pretty.  Because we all know it’s the best way to see our beautiful town.  Because we definitely like to support local business.  Because we are hip to the new biking culture of Charleston.  And most importantly, because we want to have some fun!

RSVP: on Facebook or leave a comment below.

Where do we go?

More delightfulness for our baskets! Betty Basket Liners

A friend passed these on to me, and I found out, lucky us, that Mike’s Bikes right Bettylinershere in Charleston is a proud purveyor of them!  (They are also the ones who carry the fab handlebar flowers which they donated to our ride) Not only are these liners beautiful and made with different colorful fabrics, but they also have built in pockets and a key ring, and then presto-chango, they turn into a handbag!  I love accessories that make our lives easier….

Go to Mike’s Bikes on Coleman Blvd or Folly Rd, or check out the Betty Basket Liner website.  Get your liner on!!