So envious – a Cycle Chic Boutique in Dallas

Oh yes – I have been mulling the idea of a Cycle Chic Boutique over for quite some time – even come up with the style and colors for the inside (robin egg blue with white couches and big mirrors, walls of baskets and the ability to mix and match bikes and accessories with ease), have discussed the concept with my friends and local bike shop owners – the works.  And while I don’t personally want to open a retail shop (too many things on my plate already) I WISH I WISH I WISH someone would take this on in Charleston!  Check out Fleetwood Kit Kat’s bike boutique in Dallas, and be sure to read their blog for all the neat things they do or see this video from their local news station.  Kudos!


2 Comments on “So envious – a Cycle Chic Boutique in Dallas”

  1. Christa says:

    Wow, I’m impressed. What a great idea! Wish they had a bike boutique here in San Diego. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time though. 🙂

    +100 points for Dallas

  2. Karen says:

    Yes! What a great idea. I fantasize about the same thing here in Flag and having it connected to a coffee shop that caters to the morning commuter – with a few showers and a storage area. If only I wasn’t upside down on my mortgage!

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