Riding with Kids – The Dutch Do it Right

With a new niece added to the family and several friends who are pregnant and love to bicycle, I’ve been taking a look at the different options out there for carting baby around!  While here in America, it seems everyone goes first for the seat on the back of the bike (is it safer?), the Dutch go for the front of the bike seat, which I think I would do too.  So here’s a great example of BOTH from the  blog Dutch City Bike.  How great is this?  If you want to know where to get a front baby seat, this company, Bobike, has some adorable ones.

Thanks Dutch City Bike for the great photo!  If you want to read more, hop on over to their site.



Slow Bicycle Race – Amsterdam v. Copenhagen

I laughed so hard my stomach muscles hurt and I can’t see through my tears.  I for one, think we MUST do this tomorrow after the Cycle Chic ride, after we’ve had a chance to refuel at Fuel.  Anyone in??

Here are the official ‘Rules’ – which are also hilarious.

The Copenhagen Cycle Culture – I’ve got envy!

Is envy wrong?  Check out this super-cool video by Mikael, the gent who started it all across the pond.  Look at the teems of bicyclists going about their daily lives, the parents and their kids, the high heels!  Charleston – we are not so unlike Copenhagen.  Sure they are a bit older than us (only by a few hundred years), but we are both flat, surrounded by water and bridges with fantastic architecture and an incredible mix of people.  How about it?   Is it in our blood?

How could I forget…The Skirt/Coat Guard

I could be forgiven easily….While the skirt/coat guard is standard in Europe, 08armroyal8mens1it is ne’er to be seen in the US (WHY?). But don’t despair…there is one bike available made by Electra (go check them out at Mike’s Bikes on Folly Road) for both men and women that sports a snazzy guard.  I think I need one.  It’s called the Amsterdam.  How apropos.

Then there’s always the option to make your own.  Here’s how to do it.  Show me how!

Photo courtesy of Electra Bikes.

I think someone in Charleston needs to open a Cycle Chic Shop.  

Pretty Please?