Man about Town

We caught this gent out and about the other day, and wanted to give him a shout out for lookin’ so fine, on so chic a ride outfitted for the work-a-day.  Stephan, we love your style, and particularly your springtime orange tie.


2 Comments on “Man about Town”

  1. sherry says:

    Hello there!

    I gave you an award for versatile blogger check out my blog to accept this award and pass it along. oh and by the way I was just in Charleston last weekend and rode my beach criser all over town! I just love Charleston. Riding your bike around town is the best way to see everything
    happy blogging!

  2. solracm says:

    Ya ha llegado la Primavera… y por aquí cerca del Verano por las temperaturas…+29ºC

    En Sevilla (España), ya vamos elegantemente vestidos…

    Por cierto no estáis en mi blog, porque no tenéis logo… de momento os pondré como enlace.

    Saludos desde Sevilla (España)

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