Pedal Chic – A Bike Store for Woman, opens in Greenville, SC

Yes – we are jealous.  We would love to see a female-focused bicycle shop here in Charleston.  Pedal Chic opens soon in Greenville, SC.  Here is the description from their website and we love their tagline!

“Pedal Chic is the only women-specific cycling and athletic boutique in the Southeast, offering an unparalleled selection of apparel for the female athlete, cyclist, urban commuter, and yogi, as well as lifestyle/comfort wear in an upscale, boutique environment.

Pedal Chic is THE destination for active women shopping for contemporary, stylish, and high-performance cycling, fitness, and lifestyle apparel. From “city bikes” and commuter accessories (think bike baskets, designer helmets, shoes, and cycling-friendly handbags) to athletic intimate apparel (up to size 40DD) Pedal Chic outfits every woman from head to toe.”



4 Comments on “Pedal Chic – A Bike Store for Woman, opens in Greenville, SC”

  1. Abram says:

    No need to be jealous. Just walk into any women’s clothing store selling the kind of clothing you’d normally buy and get all the ‘cycling’ clothing you need. Unless you are cycling as a sport, there’s no need for specialized cycling clothing.

    Mikael Colville-Andersen put it well on his post/rant about bicycle clothing ( “…you already own cycling clothing. Just open your closet. It’s NOT difficult. It’s normal for millions of people around the world each and every day. Buy the clothes you like. Just don’t buy the bike geek hype.”

  2. Abram you are SO right about that! Our jealousy is less about the clothing though and more about the bicycle shop that caters to the ‘chic’ side of biking and women vs the ‘sport’ side of biking. Unfortunately, most bike shops in the U.S. can be intimidating for the casual in-town rider. Thanks for reading!

    • Abram says:

      Gotcha! I completely agree about the intimidation factor. I still feel intimidated upon entering a lot of bike shops catering mainly to roadies and the sport side of cycling.

      I definitely would like to see bicycle shops catering to the sport side become a niche thing while those catering to the practical everyday transportation side become the norm.

  3. As a HUGE fan of CycleChic and regular visitor to Charleston and IOP, it is such an honor to have been noticed by Charleston CycleChic. We strive to make all athletic endeavors fashionable and feasible for EVERY woman, no matter her fitness level. And Kristin, you are right on target. Pedal Chic is determined to take the intimidation out of cycling for women.

    As an avid cyclist, I do gravitate towards cycling, both urban and road/performance. Cycling fashion is a bit different from regular clothing – just ride on a Brooks saddle without the right “apparel” for 15 miles and call me…you will understand. And commuting with the right gear is equivalent to doing yard work with the correct tools. Much easier.

    We would love to have a place in Charleston! Until then, please visit us in Greenville. Our e-commerce site should be up by the first of the year if you are in need!

    Thank you so much for your comments and remember, Roadways ARE the new Runways!

    Robin Bylenga, Proprietor
    Pedal Chic, LLC
    651 B South Main Street
    Greenville, SC 29601
    864.242.CHIC (2442)

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