A Bicycle Built for Two

Cycle Chic isn’t always about pretty bikes and pretty people.  Cycle Chic is about being on a bicycle, connecting with your environment, moving your body and joy.  Now doesn’t this photo represent all of that?  We’ve seen this parti-colored tandem bike around town, but only met it in person last Saturday during a Lowcountry Local First urban garden agricultural bicycle tour.   The little boy is CJ the Master Gardener, and he was more than happy to show us his lemon verbena, mint, rosemary and tomatoes. Love it.


One Comment on “A Bicycle Built for Two”

  1. […] Charleston Cycle Chic – What’s the blog about? Well it’s summed up perfectly on the front page “It’s a movement to move, an expression of style, and a show of grace. It’s a celebration of life and the wind in your hair. It’s about getting out of your car and taking back the bike. (And looking fabulous while doing it.)” The beauty of writing is you can instantly tell the people who truly love what they’re writing about. That alone is enough to make this blog special. Charleston Cycle Chic’s latest blog post: A Bicycle Built for Two […]

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