Want. This. Dress.

Salivating…who wants to make one?  Maybe start a line of bicycle dresses made of vintage fabrics?  Thanks Urban Weeds in Portland for catching this loveliness.

Courtesy of Urban Weeds


4 Comments on “Want. This. Dress.”

  1. Urban Weeds says:

    I know! Isn’t she adorable?!

    I couldn’t help but love the fact that the vintage dress also came with the vintage bloomers so she can ride her bike without fear of showing anything more.

    Thanks for posting. Love your blog.

  2. txell says:

    I need this dress in my wardrove…so cute!

  3. Christa says:

    Me too, that’s adorable!

  4. bikeolounger says:

    Chic apparently means, “Guys don’t get to do this.” That’s okay, I suppose. I would look, well, wrong in such attire.

    This is NOT to say I won’t ride my Raleigh three-speed wearing a kilt, like my RKilt made of hemp, or my Utilikilt made of cotton duck (think similar material to the Carhardt stuff). But a print like that? Won’t work for me.

    At least I have enough fashion sense to realize that without trying it first…

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