Why do you ride?

Thanks to @heidiswift on Twitter for calling my attention to this great video by People for Bikes.  It reminds the writer of this post, how the other night around 6:30PM I rode my bicycle (basket and fenders and light – check!) through the streets of Downtown Charleston in the diminishing light.  I caught the scent of a sizzling steak as I rode by South End Brewery, then the heady perfume of some incredible dish that the Barbados Room was cooking up, and then as I passed by 82 Queen, the aromas of shrimp and grits fled to my nose.  Now some of you might not like those smells of the city humming, but I do.  I love having every one of my senses alive and fulfilled when I am on a bike.  That’s why I ride.

Why do you ride?


One Comment on “Why do you ride?”

  1. Hernán says:

    I ride because I like to be my own propulsion system. I ride because it makes me feel free or, at least, free-er that buses, metro, taxis, etc. I ride because it’s faster and more fun and because I look GOOD on my Guvnor!
    Greetings from Argentina
    Hernán @ Buenos Aires Cycle Chic

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