Yes, Utility and Creativity are in fact, Cycle Chic

I know that most of you out there thinking about Cycle Chic might assume that expensive bikes with expensive clothes makes Cycle Chic go round.  But if you’ve been reading up, you know that this Cycle Chic-er loves all things that show a zest for life, so I had to include what you see below….

This picture was sent in to me by a reader, and let me tell you, I love it.  It’s old school, new school and being-one-with-nature-school all in one.   This is his ‘fishing bike’ and he and his 7-yr old daughter like to ride to the shore of the Wando river and try to catch anything they can.

Lowcountry Livin'

Ladies and Gents, you don’t have to buy a fancy basket to get things done.  Get creative in the spur of the moment.  Try a tomato box strapped to the back if you can’t hold on to all your organic farmer’s market supplies.   Or rummage up an old Coke Bottle container like this gentleman did to hold your fresh caught dinner as you ride back home smiling with your kids and feel good about being alive.


One Comment on “Yes, Utility and Creativity are in fact, Cycle Chic”

  1. Christa says:

    You’re right, and this bike is pretty cool… unique and functional.

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