Oct 21 – Cycle Chic Ride to Pecha Kucha Night Charleston

Yes that’s right all you lovely people with bikes – our next Cycle Chic Ride is going to Pecha Kucha Night Charleston on October 21st!  Why?  Because we love what they do and what they represent and man, this next line-up is a doozy not to be missed.  It’s all about creativity, inspiration, entrepreneurship and having a bit of fun fun fun.   So let’s go ride our bikes!  It’s easier than looking for parking….

So what is Pecha Kucha Night Charleston you ask?  Pecha Kucha, Japanese for the sound of conversation, is a mix of show-and-tell, open-mike night and happy hour that has become a forum for ideas on design, architecture and other forms of creativity. This is the 4th one we’ve had in Charleston and they keep getting better and better.

For more about Pecha Kucha you can visit the global website or hop on over to the Pecha Kucha Night Charleston site.

Here are the ride details….

When: 5:45PM

Where: Meet at Marion Square, the corner of King and Calhoun.

How: With flair

With What: BIKES!

Ride Map: Ya’ll won’t know our route until just a few days before because Pecha Kucha Charleston keeps their location in secrecy.  (I know of course, but no amount of arm-twisting will get it out of me!)

Meetup: We’ll be having a little post-ride, pre-Pecha Kucha Night meetup to line our bellies at around 6:30PM. Location is forthcoming!



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