Mmmm…Bikes are like Dessert

Everytime I see a fabulous bike, I actually start salivating.  I feel a yearning inside of me coupled with an “I want to have it all” kind of feeling.  (Can anyone relate to this or am I just weird?)

It reminds me of how I feel about dessert.  Oh glorious dessert.

So here is a small selection of bikes that caused my salivary glands to spring into action.  I love them all for different reasons – but mostly because they are reminiscent of some of my favorite things.

This first one is a bit hard to see, but if you look closely it’s worth it.  Check out the liquid chocolate color and the beautiful green.  This bike made me think of a Creme de Menthe Brownie.

Creme de Menthe

Creme de Menthe

This next one screams summer time fun to me and makes me want to have an Orange Creamsicle.  She’s available to be had at the Charleston Bicycle Company on East Bay St.  Say Hi to Jana!

Orange Creamsicle

Orange Creamsicle

This next little angel is just so pure.  I’ve always been attracted to the all-white bike – it seems so sophisticated and of course, it goes with everything.  Yes – my first thoughts when I saw her were Marshmallow Fluff, or even a light and fluffy Meringue.  Delightful.

Marshmallow Fluff

Marshmallow Fluff

So does your bike remind you of dessert?  Send a picture in!  I know someone out there has a Dulce de Leche or a Raspberry Sorbet….


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