Enter to win a bike at Chictopia! Submit your cycle chic pic.

Ladies,  now I know that most of you aren’t camera shy, and furthermore, I know that there are zillions of you out there who love to ride pretty on your fabulous bikes.  So take a moment to send in the chicest photo you have of yourself, enter the TopShop Chictopia contest and win a bike!

What you say?  You already have a bike?

Well – you know how I feel about that.  Bikes are the new handbags.  It’s fun to have one for every mode and moda.  The other option if you win, would be to donate your bike to someone in need of Cycle Chic transport.  Wouldn’t you like to be responsible for introducing another person to the lovely biking lifestyle?

All you have to do is create a Chictopia profile and then upload your photo with your bike to the profile page and enter the contest before July 17.  Each week five winners will be selected – 4 will be selected by Chictopia users and 1 will be selected by TopShop.  Don’t forget to vote for your favorite!

Official Contest Rules



One Comment on “Enter to win a bike at Chictopia! Submit your cycle chic pic.”

  1. barcelonacyclechic says:

    I’m so proud with my new folding bike, it’s really like a handbag! Same beauty and same dimensions…!

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