From all the way across the planet – New Zealand Rocks with Frocks on Bikes

All ya’ll have to check out this great organization in New Zealand – Frocks on Bikes.  They’ve got it going ON!  They are fabulous, gorgeous and most importantly, they are pedaling for change.  They’ve got events popping up all over the place – from workshops to Film Fests to Carnivals and everything in between.  

From their website…

Frocks On Bikes spontaneously emerged in New Zealand, in a space of two short weeks in the lead up to the 350 Climate Action festivals being held in Auckland and Wellington.  We mobilised over 350 frockers pedalling for change – making a beautiful point as we promenaded through our cities calling for action and awareness on climate change.”

Their Facebook Group

And the weirdest thing – I clicked one of their links about “6 Reasons The World Needs More Girls on Bikes which led me to the article written by a woman in Sweden and what do ya know – a picture of my red patent leather heels on my lime green bike came up.  Flickr/Social Media blows my mind!!  But really, after you marvel, read read read because what they have to say, has to do with you!

Best Quote of the Day – “Women…might find riding in high heels is easier than walking in them.”  Amen sistah!


One Comment on “From all the way across the planet – New Zealand Rocks with Frocks on Bikes”

  1. Hi from all the way across the planet in Frocks-on-Bikes land. Thank you so much for your lovely entry about us, we are rapt to find another frockalicious cycle chic crowd. Big bike-shaped kisses to you all, blown from across the Pacific ocean…and we wish you hugely happy frocking in Charleston.

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