Cycle Chic Ride video is now taking the world by storm ;)

What’s better than lovely ladies riding bikes through Charleston? Video posted! Thanks to my friends Dustin Ryan for the great footage and Jim Wallace on the Bike Taxi.


or on Vimeo


5 Comments on “Cycle Chic Ride video is now taking the world by storm ;)”

  1. Very cool! Glad to see this here in South Carolina.

  2. Mikael says:

    Absolutely brilliant, Kristin! Wonderful ride! Thanks so much!

  3. El Circulo de la Vida says:

    Agreed – kudos to you for bringing global ideas to Charleston. I see how beautiful your city is and how much potential exists for a similar bike culture..with a Southern spin I’m sure 😉

  4. Martin says:

    Brilliant initiative! Beautiful women everywhere, wow! Charleston looks fantastic – it should be a great city for biking. Good luck with the bike chic movement. -Martin

  5. Charleston gets Chic…

    Charleston’s got the right idea:That’s what I’d like bikes-as-transportation to look like more cities in the US. Embedded in the video you may see some mentions of Pedal to Properties, a real estate designation system based around realtors showing h…

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