So where did the term ‘Cycle Chic’ come from anyway?

Here’s what the gurus of Wikipedia say…

“Cycle chic or bicycle chic is the culture of cycling in fashionable clothes. It is now associated with the utility cycling practised in cities such as AmsterdamBaselBerlin,BerneCopenhagen, among others, where citizens practice a high level of bicycle usage. In many European cities, as well as cities in China and Japan, cycling is an everyday transport choice and many cyclists choose to wear their regular clothes, as opposed to outfits generally associated with cycle sport, such as bicycle shorts, gloves and shoes.

Cycle chic is a growing trend in cities that are now investing in bicycle friendly infrastructure and facilities. With the growing popularity of community bicycle programs such as Velib in Paris and Bicing in Barcelona, citizens are discovering the ease with which they can ride around their city or town, including riding in their normal clothes instead of sports cycling gear. As fashionable celebrities such as Agyness Deyn are shown cycling in this way by the media, this induces others to follow their example.

The phrase “cycle chic” in relation to bicycle fashion was coined by the filmmaker and photographer Mikael Colville-Andersen inCopenhagen in 2006. Called “The Sartorialist on two wheels” by The Guardian newspaper, Colville-Andersen advocates normalising urban cycling and increasing the number of trips made by bicycle in urban centers.”


And by the way, Mikael has also started the Slow Bicycle Movement – taking back the bike culture with “Style over Speed”.   Join the fun!



3 Comments on “So where did the term ‘Cycle Chic’ come from anyway?”

  1. Pedicab Man says:

    Getting out of the spandex and nylon into cotton street cloths to ride…some of us old timers called it being Retro. Isn’t it great when every bike ride doesn’t have to be a race? There is nothing cooler than a lady riding her bicycle in high heels.

  2. mikael says:

    Copenhagen calling to say that we love Charleston!

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