What kind of bike do I need to cycle chic?

It’s not about the bike.

It’s not about how much money you spend or what brand you buy. Any bike will do. Whether you have to have the latest Cynthia Rowley or just painted that vintage Schwinn you bought off Ebay in a color that makes you happy – it’s about how you carry yourself. You know…with that certain ‘je ne sais quoi” that makes a woman a WO-man.

Confidence. Pride. Grace.

Having said that – there are a few key parts of that bike that will make your life easier and increase the flexibility of your Cycle Chic wardrobe to almost anything.

1. Fenders – a must for when you go through puddles.  Ever seen those racers with a dark line up their back?  Not pretty.  But fenders are.

2. Female-friendly frame – this means the cross bar is down low so you can swing your foot over with ease.  Having to do some sort of kung-fu leg circle kick to get on your bike just doesn’t work in a skirt. Plus, it allows you to practice the still-in-motion quick and graceful dismount.

3. Cruiser/Town bike style – allows you to sit fairly upright and has semi-fat tires so you don’t feel all the road lumps and bumps as you ride to work.

4. Flat pedals – with these, you can wear any kind of shoe. Perfect for meeting your friends up for dinner and drinks.

5. A basket – how else are you going to carry your fresh bread and organic vegetables home from the Marion Square Farmer’s Market?

6. A rear rack – this goes over your back tire and fender.  You never know when it will come in handy – and if you decide it’s time to buy some cute panniers, this is where they go.

7. A lock – you WILL fall in love with your bike, so save yourself some agony and tissues and get a good one to keep it safe.

So check out this Cycle Chic Chick (courtesy of the Copenhagen Cycle Chic blog). Could she be more fabulous?







What is your favorite bike? Send in some pics!


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