Tips for Ridin’ Chic

Here are mine – what are yours?

Floaty skirts — Not a good idea but they look fantastic if you can manage to prevent flyaways. Perhaps get some cute old-fashioned bloomers that roll-up and fit in a purse? It would just be a crime if the summer sundress had to go by the wayside while bike riding.

Pencil skirts — They work fine as long as there is a back slit. Watch for the upward creep.

Long (ish) skirts — No problem as long as you have a chain guard and can gather the material (under, around, or between your legs). A circle skirt would probably be a bad idea.

Heels — Definitely work as long as they stay on your feet. The pedal fits nicely in the nook between heel and sole. I highly recommend a rubber sole (Liz Claiborne Flex, for example) to keep from pedal slippage. A T-strap or ankle strap provides extra security.

Flats — Only work if they really, really stay on your feet. Hit the pedal at the wrong angle and you’ll end up with a shoe in the street.

Flip-flops and sandals — Delightful.

Earrings — Beware of anything both large and solid. You might arrive at your destination with your cheeks a bit battered.

Scarves — great for keeping you warm while riding. Looks super chic blowing back in the wind.

Great bag — Essential that it fits in your oh-so-cute-and-practical-basket. I have ridden around town with a laptop strapped across my chest and it just doesn’t look or feel as free. There are a few places that are starting to make some super cute panniers (bags that fit on the sides of your rack on the back) — perhaps that’s the next wave?


3 Comments on “Tips for Ridin’ Chic”

  1. Christa says:

    Nice list. 🙂

    Love cycling is a dress/skirt that is knee-length. Pencil skirts just don’t work well.

    Scarves are always fun to wear.

  2. neredowell says:

    Beware you don’t do an Isadora Duncan with the scarf. It would be unfortunate for the PR campaign and all.

    • Excellent point! I should change the scarf recommendation to include a maximum length. Regardless, I could only hope to be as inspirational and visionary in the bike advocacy world as Isadora Duncan was for the Modern Dance world. She was quite a live-wire!

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